In this podcast, let’s talk about corruption; we have honest conversations about this critical topic that affects our lives. 

Usually, we don’t like talking about this, but the only way to fight corruption is by knowing how this can happen and what we can do to prevent it, with day-to-day examples.

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In this chapter, we will review the panorama of Latin America in terms of corruption, and the facts that are marking the various countries in this area. 

Matthew is a Maltese journalist, who was a member of the International Consortium of Journalists (ICIJ), where he worked on the Panama Papers investigation in his country.

Today he is director of the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation, in honor of his mother, also an investigative journalist of the same name, a victim of corruption.

Bárbara Llanes, a former federal prosecutor who represented the U.S. Department of Justice nationally and in Latin America, spoke with us about some of the corruption investigations in Latin America, from both the public and private perspectives.

In this chapter, Susana and Manuel talk to the Executive Director of Transparencia Venezuela, Mercedes (Merchy) De Freitas, who against all odds has led several initiatives in the fight against corruption in her country. In this conversation, we discuss the situation in Venezuela in this matter, as well as in the rest of the region.

In this chapter, we will learn more about money laundering, a crime that has become more and more frequent, which seems far away, but is closer than we think. The guest expert on the subject is Sergio Espinosa, Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit of Peru and former president of the Financial Action Task Force of Latin America (GAFILAT).

In this chapter, we talk about corruption, illicit trade and the new risks for companies, with Phillip Morris lawyer Victor Hugo Guerra, an expert in external affairs in cross-border projects, with a focus on international business transactions.

In this chapter, Marta Herrera, Director of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Unit and Director of Legal Counsel at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Chile, tells us about the work being carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office and how the country is doing in anti-corruption matters.

In this episode we talk to Gervase Arner, a prominent Trinidad and Tobago businessman, president and CEO of Massy Holdings Ltd.

In this episode we talk to Evan Epstein, a Chilean lawyer based in Silicon Valley and an expert in corporate governance. Evan is founder and managing partner of Pacifica Global.

In this chapter we talk to Daniela Ortega, a specialized consultant with more than 20 years of professional experience in regulatory risk management and compliance, as well as corporate governance issues. Daniela co-founded the boutique law firm, LEX Mexico.

Susana and Manuel discuss corruption and the topics discussed in previous episodes.

In this chapter we are joined by Rogelio Pérez, attorney at law and Master in Law from Harvard University. He is a professor at Universidad Metropolitana and a retired professor at Universidad Central de Venezuela. 

On this occasion we talked about the career of one of our speakers, Manuel Gómez, Dean of Global Initiatives at Florida International University.